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We are small, but fast growing company based in Bulgaria.

What are we good at?

We help our clients, as we create:

Complete solutions for business automation and management. With them you will save time and resources, so You will reduce your costs and do your business optimally well.

Online shops for all types of business. If You would like to sell online or You already have website, but want to improve it or just refresh it, we will help you with that. We will help you develop your online sales.

We can help You to make the right choices for Your business as we get the suitable information from your shops database and make an business analys of it.

PSD TO HTML - You send your PSD/Photoshop design and we code it.

Personal websites - You would like to create a modern portfolio and show your future clients what service you offer? We will help you make your website a business card.

Landing pages - You would like to to organize an event, we will help you create a "landing page" to promote it. If you want your landing page to look more professional, we can also build a system for booking hours/spots or other requirements related to the organization of the event.

Development of Plugins for WordPress - You would like to add a new feature or change some feature of your WordPress site - we can create a custom plugin for You.

You want to advertise on the Internet and do SEO optimization / search engine optimization / - we will help in this endeavor. In the 21st century, every thriving business needs to be "accessible" on the Internet. And why not your business?!?

To learn more about which way is suitable for the design of your website or to get professional advice / guidance, you can contact us at the contacts in the "contacts" section below on the page.

What would You get if we work together ?

  • SEO optimized website;
  • Speed optimized website ;
  • Website support and SEO optimization;
Creating website


Some of the services i provide..


Creating the design, which will fit for your clients is one of the most important steps.

Web Development

Making the desing to code is the second step and it's not easy. The code should work fast and secure. The right web technologies and the good quality code are some of the important things, which I will take care for Your website.

Mobile applications

The "smart" phones are part of our daily routine. A moblile app would be great addition or good means of facilitating consumers of your website.


The SEO helps organizations attract and retain prospects and customers through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If You would like to be "famous" in internet or sell your products there, would definitely need SEO


You would like to improve the functionality of Your website, fix a problem or just improve the speed of it?

We will help You with this


You would like to refresh Your old-fashioned website, move to another platform or just improve your mobile version?

We will help You to achieve the vision You would like.

Prices websites/web solutions, automation/

Enter your requirements and see what the approximate cost of the project you would like

Number pages

* Usually an information project includes the pages:
  • Homepage;
  • About us / About me;
  • Category page;
  • Services / Portfolio / Catalog;
  • Contacts.
  • Information page of the site / Cookies, Privacy policy, etc. /

- If you want SEO optimization, it is highly recommended that you have a Blog / News page

* The price includes compiling the files on the site and uploading to the host
* The price does NOT include hosting / domain Choose a design or provide us with a file to convert them into code.

Choose a design or provide us with a file to convert them into code.

  • Send us a design or let us do it for you;
  • We will turn design into code;
  • We will make your site "SEO Friendly";
  • We will help you integrate the files into a website by configuring them on a host of your choice.



"Front-end" project

Total pages
Pages number: 1
Dekstop Tablet Mobile
Homepage - €
Inner pages - x €


Some of our web solutions:

  • Development of warehouse management software / under development / for our client
  • SEO for Panayotov M.D.
  • Development of custom WordPress theme from PSD template for Arrostore
  • Development of custom WordPress theme from PSD template for Youworthitbox
  • Development of custom booking system for Panayotov M.D.
  • Development of "custom" online store to work with Woocommerce
  • Create an online store management plugin with selected Youworthitbox options.
  • Implementation of a "custom" store with API for automatic generation of bills of lading to SPEEDY for Youworthitbox.
  • Development of Hybrid mobile application with Cordova for Dr. Panayotov
  • Development of web application to export birthdays from Facebook to Chuck Davis


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Quotes The site looks as we wished! Great job and fast support when we need! Quotes

G. Ivanov

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